We Don’t Charge Minimums to Nonprofits. End of Story.

The other agencies charge minimums. We don't.

We have been pretty busy lately, which is something that I certainly can’t complain about. Our clients are doing great things for their constituents worldwide and, as a result, they need an increasing amount of translation to make their good deeds go further.

A few times in the past weeks, I’ve found myself with all of our usual linguists booked up and have had to look elsewhere for translators. (Sometimes it happens. We’ll be doing some heavy recruiting at the 52nd Annual American Translators Association Annual Conference in Boston at the end of October. If you’re a translator, please come by and see us in the Expo Hall.)  For this, I have usually turned to my fellow members of the Association of Language Companies.  They’re a great reference and we often help each other out of pickles.

While leaning on other agencies for more firepower, if you will, is par for the course, I find myself more and more surprised at just how expensive the other agencies are.  I know it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn here.  But would anyone in their right mind pay a $100 minimum to have 65 words translated from English into a language spoken by 1.2 billion people?  How about a $90 minimum for English into a language spoken by 125 million people?  These are two of the situations I’ve come across recently.

This is why I am so proud that Alboum & Associates does not charge minimum fees to its nonprofit and mission-driven clients.  It’s as simple as that.  We know you’re working on a limited budget and every dollar counts.  You don’t have the funds to pay bloated minimums.  You need that money to do more work and make more of a difference.  We get it.  We’re Alboum & Associates .. the Translators for the Good Guys!

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