We Don’t Charge Minimums to Nonprofits. End of Story.

We have been pretty busy lately, which is something that I certainly can’t complain about. Our clients are doing great things for their constituents worldwide and, as a result, they need an increasing amount of translation to make their good deeds go further. A few times in the past weeks, I’ve found myself with all of our usual linguists booked up and have had to look elsewhere for translators. (Sometimes it happens. We’ll be doing some heavy recruiting at the 52nd Annual American Translators Association Annual Conference in Boston at the end of October. If you’re a translator, please come …read more

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The Fluidity of Time, Dilbert-Style

Let’s just say that if Wally were a translator, he’d never be working for Alboum & Associates.  What’s the point of a deadline if you can’t make it? We charge no rush fees.  We charge no minimums.  And we don’t take jobs we can’t deliver on time.  (When’s the last time you heard a translation vendor tell you that?) It’s so simple … you have to wonder why no other agency can make the same claim.

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Visca el Barça!

The best soccer team in the world, FC Barça, is partnering with the Gates Foundation to help eradicate polio for once and for all.  Read about the Alboum & Associates link to the program here and discover how it is that Sandra managed to snag the above!

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AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

Our post-conference wrap up of this year’s AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference is available here.

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Working on the World While I’m Working on Myself

I don’t have time to go to the gym.  With two children under 5, my days start early and end very late.  If I were to go before they woke up, it would be at 5am.  If I were to go after putting them to sleep and eating dinner with my husband, it would be at 10pm.  Add to it the fact that I am a crazy workaholic, and, well … I just don’t have time during the week. The problem is that the pounds wait for no one.  I’ve spent way too much time at my desk, munching on …read more

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LunchBoxMom Profiles Sandra!

Many moons ago, I had the opportunity to work with Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Maraniss on his book, “Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball’s Last Hero”.  Together we’d plow through stacks and stacks of Spanish language newspaper and magazine articles, looking for information David could include in his book.  It was a fun time, and David (who is also the author of books on Clinton, Lombardi, Gore, Vietnam, and a forthcoming book on Obama) and I did a great job of playing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  David was kind enough to cite me in his acknowledgments.  What an …read more

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You Like Us — You Really Like Us! (Thanks, Sally Field.)

We’ve been sending out some emails recently to our clients regarding our NO JOKE SWEEPSTAKES.  I thought it would be good to recap it here, in case you’ve been living in a cave.  It’s super easy: just “Like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and your organization can win up to $500 in translation credit to use this month! Sweepstakes ends on Friday, April 8th. Prizes must be redeemed by Friday, April 29th. Here’s the deal: Top Prize: $500 Translation Credit Second Prize: $250 Translation Credit Third Prize: $100 Translation Credit Any organization can win! “Like” our Facebook page …read more

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Confession: I Drank the Kool-Aid

I’ve been complaining about my Blackberry Torch to my husband for a long time now.  The freezing up.  The useless “lock” button on the top.  The crazy slow rendering of web pages.  The lack of apps to make my life easier.  The hold button that my cheek always pressed when I was talking to someone.  The fact that Blackberries don’t sync to Google Calendar (but Google Calendar WILL sync TO the Blackberry).  The fact that every time I put the darn thing down I pressed the corner of the screen and it thought I wanted to change the mobile connection …read more

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The Voice for Global Health

With clients like Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, and the World Lung Foundation, “The Voice for Global Health” could easily be Alboum’s own tagline. But it’s not. It rightfully belongs to the Global Health Council, the world’s largest membership alliance dedicated to saving lives by improving health throughout the world. Today we’re proud to announce we’re official members of that alliance. Since our founding in 2004, Alboum & Associates has translated over four million words that fought for better tobacco control, helped combat infectious diseases, and improved health conditions across the globe. …read more

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Sandra Alboum Gives Keynote Speech at NCATA Meeting

This evening, Stephanie (our Director of Marketing) and I had the honor of making a presentation to the National Capital Area Translators Association on the rebranding of Alboum & Associates.  A record turnout showed up to hear about how Alboum & Associates went from being a “we are everything to everyone” agency to “the translators for the good guys” in just a few short years.  There were lots of great questions after the presentation, ranging from “how do you set your rates?” to “how do you ensure you’ll get paid?” to “tell us a bit about how you used a …read more

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