Simply put, working with us is easy. We don’t require a contract or long-term commitment (though we’re happy to complete any documentation required by your organization). We know your resources are limited and your time is better spent on carrying out your mission than managing a vendor relationship.

Straight-Forward Pricing

We never charge rush fees or minimums on any materials – even those requiring rapid turnaround. And you’ll never see a line item for any “industry-standard” fees. They’re not standard and neither are we.

Focus on Quality

We understand the desire for a natural-sounding, culturally appropriate translation of every text. That’s why in every project, our translators consider the overall tone of the text, as well as structure of each sentence and meaning of each phrase in developing the translation. We simply don’t translate word-for-word and never utilize machine-based translation tools. When an editor or back translation is required, we bring in a fresh set of eyes to ensure accuracy. We also ensure that all translations consider each client’s preferences for style, terminology and tone. We create client-specific glossaries and utilize translation memory to support consistency.

We’re Fast

We respond to all requests for quotation or new translation project submissions within an hour. We are capable of turning around time-sensitive documents in short order – same day, overnight, or over a weekend. We do this every single day for our clients and they come to confidently depend on us to keep our word and keep it quickly. But we never sacrifice quality for speed and provide realistic estimates for what it takes to get a job done.

We’re Reliable

Our clients come to rely on us for consistent, on-time delivery of large-scope translation projects. With our bench of qualified translators and project managers and considering the global reach of our client roster, we are pleased to regularly scale on demand to meet client needs. In addition, whenever possible, and to promote quality and consistency in translations, we assign the same translators to a client’s projects.

Live Human Beings Who Care

Every Alboum client works with a dedicated project manager responsible for ensuring your job is completed both on time and to your satisfaction. Plus, you can call or email our founder anytime. In fact, she loves it when clients contact her even just to say hello.

our clients – making a difference

A Global Approach to Tobacco Control

Strong tobacco control laws have led to reductions in smoking prevalence but much remains to be done. To this end, the American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation (both Alboum clients independently as well) came together to publish The Tobacco Atlas, a compendium of the most up-to-date information on tobacco and tobacco control available in a highly Continue Reading..

Gentling the Journey of Hospice Care

According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, more than 40 percent of those who die in the United States are cared for by a hospice at the time of death. While more patients and families are realizing the benefits of hospice and opting for this end-of-life care, many lack sufficient knowledge of the services available or Continue Reading..

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