Who We Are

Alboum is made up of regular folks on a unique mission.

We are directors, project managers, translators and interpreters who love our jobs — and not just because we’re each personally invested in our success. It’s more about the work we do, and the transformative service we provide to good people engaged in great causes.

The fact is, corny though it may sound, we care about our planet and our neighbors. Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of mission-driven nonprofits, as well as professional services firms and corporations. Along the way, we’ve learned that what excites us most is using our skills to help unique clients make a positive difference in peoples’ lives — in our own community and many others.

In short, we’re a fun-loving, eclectic bunch of individuals. But don’t let that fool you: we take our commitment to serving clients — and our social responsibilities — seriously.