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Translation services for Coronavirus (COVID-19) communications

Keep the entire community updated regardless of the language they speak

COVID-19 Public Health Translation

Communications about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) are both time-sensitive and being developed in real time as the virus continues to evolve and spread worldwide.

If your organization needs to translate community alerts or information about local COVID-19 resources and testing centers in your area, please use this form to request translation services. For school districts requiring language translation of distance learning materials or virtual curriculum that exceeds the limits of this form, please forward it directly to or your account manager.

Please use this form for COVID-19-related materials ONLY.

When you complete this form your requests will be routed to both our urgent inbox and your account manager (existing clients) for immediate review. You will hear back from us within 30 minutes between the hours of 6 am and midnight (ET), seven days a week.

Alboum Translation Services specializes in public health translation for nonprofits and mission driven organizations. We never charge rush fees or minimums and are expediting all COVID-19 Public Health Translation requests.

Tell us about your alert or notice.