Alboum provides a great service for any nonprofit organization’s translation needs. From initial contact through to delivery the process is smooth, friendly, efficient and approachable and yields an excellent and affordable result.  Working with them to translate some 65, 000 words of a website into nine major world languages was at all times a smooth process with delivery of a high quality in a speedy and efficient fashion and with excellent communication on progress throughout.  I can thoroughly recommend their services.

British Dental Health Foundation

We never joke around when it comes to the quality of our work. But we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. The Alboum business is built on relationships. And we’re people that you’ll love to work with. We’re fun and engaging. And we never shy away from letting a little personality shine through. Our passions and quirks make our clients enjoy what could otherwise be a quite mundane vendor relationship. So here’s a little insight into us.

We love grammar. In fact, we obsess over it. We’re regular readers of the Grammarly blog and adore Mignon Fogerty, the Grammar Girl.

#JeffICan. We support tobacco control organizations, but truly adore when mainstream media gets a hold of the issue and puts the tobacco crisis in context for everyday people. We have to give huge kudos to John Oliver for his segment-turned-social media trending topic, #JeffICan. You can watch the segment here.

Lost in translation. Clearly we believe in the power of professional translation. Google Translate’s fails help support the requirement for Alboum-level quality. But when translation fails or localization doesn’t happen, we can’t help but be amused. You can find some of our favorites here.

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English > Spanish

Translating a Parent Handbook for a school in Virginia.

Portuguese > English

Translating bank statements for a university.


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