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Translation and Interpretation

for Human Services Organizations

No rush fees.
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Any language.

Any content.
Any format.

Affordable housing. Hunger. Family support. The need in our communities is great. And while the breadth of services provided by both local governments and social services agencies is wide and varied, a large percentage of the population served speaks little English or none at all. As a result, many see language as a barrier to even exploring the services they need.

At Alboum, we work to empower organizations to truly impact the communities they serve.

The result? Access to essential and valuable services for all who could benefit, regardless of the language they speak.

We translate program materials, signs and posters, fact sheets and brochures, participant forms, entire websites and press releases into nearly 100 languages, including:

  1. Spanish
  2. Italian
  3. Hmong
  4. Arabic
  5. Korean
  6. Vietnamese
  7. Khmer
  8. Chinese
  9. Russian
  10. Haitian-Creole
  11. Japanese
  12. Malay

Translation for domestic and international nonprofit organizations, local government departments and agencies, and community-based relief programs and support services.

American Correctional Association
Boys & Girls Club of Boston
catholic relief services
community the anti drug
equip for equality
Everytown for Gun Safety
Maine Farmland Trust
national council on aging
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Read Charlotte
Safe Routes Partnership
Wholesome Wave

Alboum translates fact sheets and brochures, enrollment and consent forms, websites, research and training materials, press releases, presentations, social media content, and advocacy materials.

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Alboum interprets at training sessions, conferences, meetings, and events all over the world. Simultaneous or consecutive. Equipment available. Support for in-person and virtual meetings.

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Brain Injury

“Working with Alboum has made it easier to work with clients. They offer great flexibility and provide quick coordination. Their professionalism is apparent as they go above and beyond to help our families understand anything that is needed.”