In-Person Interpretation

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Multilingual audience? Alboum provides simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for half-day, full-day, or multi-day events. We work in dozens of languages and around the world. Our interpretation clients are hosting meetings across the United States and throughout Europe and Asia.

Alboum does not offer interpretation services for small, day-to-day meetings such as parent teacher conferences or clinic appointments. For those requirements, we recommend our over the phone interpretation service. For events such as community meetings or back to school nights, we recommend contacting local interpreters in your area.

Safe Routes

“I would highly recommend Alboum to any nonprofit in need of translation services. We have been working with them for several years, and are consistently impressed with their rapid turnaround time, prompt and friendly communication, and quality of translation. Their service is excellent even when it comes to small projects. As a national nonprofit, we trust Alboum’s translations to bridge language and cultural barriers in communicating about health, transportation, and physical activity.”

Simultaneous or consecutive —
What’s the difference?

Most conferences and events require simultaneous interpretation. This allows speakers to present naturally and without interruption while interpreters provide near-real-time interpretation directly to those attendees who are not native speakers of the presented language. Interpreted content is delivered via a headset so the sound is not audible to the presenter or other attendees.

Equipment — Delivered to
your event location.

Everything you need to make your interpretation go smoothly.

Transmitters, receivers, and booths. Shipped to you, return shipping included. Set up and strike down, plus technicians available when needed.