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Translation &

Interpretation for

Public Health


No rush fees.

No project management fees.

Any language.

Any content.

Any format.

Knowledge is power. From measles to COVID-19, mental health to obesity, and the opioid crisis to clean water, with information, resources and a will to educate, epidemics are brought under control, communities are made healthier, treatments are discovered, and cures are possible.

At Alboum, we empower advocacy and community health organizations, researchers and scientists, doctors and nurses, social workers and case managers to communicate with patients, families, and entire communities, regardless of the language they prefer.

The result?

Healthier communities, advanced research, and equitable access to care.

The result?

Healthier communities, advanced research, and equitable access to care.

Alboum is proud to support large, global NGOs and small, local community organizations alike.

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Translation for a changing world.

Alboum translates patient information and consent forms, health fact sheets and brochures, research materials, press releases, training and advocacy materials, and more. We work in any format – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Illustrator, InDesign, website platforms, digital courses, and others.

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Interpretation for a changing world.

Alboum interprets for patient appointments, as well as at conferences, meetings, training sessions, and events online and around the world. Simultaneous or consecutive. Support for virtual meetings, as well as in person in select major markets. Equipment available.

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We translate and interpret in nearly 100 languages for educational and support organizations, research entities, clinics, and global advocacy groups.

  1. Amharic
  2. Arabic
  3. Chinese
  4. Farsi
  5. French
  6. Korean
  7. Pashto
  8. Portuguese
  9. Russian
  10. Spanish
  11. Ukrainian
  12. Vietnamese

“Alboum provides a great service for any nonprofit organization’s translation needs. From initial contact through to delivery the process is smooth, friendly, efficient and approachable and yields an excellent and affordable result.


Working with them to translate some 65,000 words of a website into nine major world languages was at all times a smooth process with delivery of a high quality product in a speedy and efficient fashion and with excellent communication on progress throughout. I can thoroughly recommend their services.”

British Dental
Health Foundation