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Translation and Interpretation

for Reproductive Health

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Family planning and prenatal care. Cancer screening and treatment. Preventative care and wellness checks. When all populations are empowered with access to the health services they need and providers are armed with informational resources and a will to educate, women are made healthier and equitable health care is possible.

Alboum is 100% pro-choice and stands with organizations that support and educate women on reproductive health options.

We translate nearly 100 languages for clinics, educational and support organizations, and global advocacy groups.

  1. Spanish
  2. French
  3. Chinese
  4. Russian
  5. Portuguese
  6. Korean
  7. Farsi
  8. Amharic
  9. Arabic
  10. Vietnamese
  11. Tagalog
  12. Hindi

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Alboum is the official translation and interpretation service provider for the National Abortion Federation’s Group Purchasing Program and a Vendor Partner for the Abortion Care Network.

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Medical Students for Choice

“I am so glad to have found Alboum Translation Services. The whole process from obtaining a quote to receiving the finished product was timely and seamless. I am amazed at how they turned around such a high quality product in such a short timeline. Other translation services we’ve used in the past were uncommunicative, and took much, much longer for the same amount of translation. I am so grateful for Alboum’s timeliness, communication, and of course, quality.”