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Professional, Quality Translation

and Interpretation Services

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Alboum empowers advocates, physicians, teachers, researchers, social workers, and change agents of all kinds to reach every patient, student, parent, legislator, reporter or any other constituent – regardless of the language they speak. We make translation and interpretation easy so our clients can focus their limited time and resources on furthering their mission.


Any language.
Any length.
Any format.
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available online.
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Over the Phone

Nearly 100
languages available
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Widely spoken
and rare dialects
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Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing

Translation projects are priced per word based on language. Interpretations are priced considering time, language, and location. Over the phone interpretation is priced per minute. Our pricing is transparent and provided in advance.

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Your Language Services Partner

Our dedicated team makes translation and interpretation seamless. Our clients enjoy a dedicated account manager that serves as a single point of contact no matter the number of languages needed for a project.

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The Online/Low-Cost Guys

Translator Quality

Professional, full-time, degreed and certified translators with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Crowdsourced translators with no requirement for professional qualifications, education, experience, or memberships.

Translator Assignments

Translators assigned based on BOTH the language(s) they speak and subject matter experience. Ability to use the same translator time and again.

Translators assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. No control over which translator is assigned.

Respect for Translators

Pay professional rates and give translators the time they need to complete the job.

Reduced rates come at the cost of income to translators. Pay rates are far below industry standards.

Payment Terms

Bill once the translation is complete, accepted, and clients are happy with the product.

Down payment often required for services before clients have any idea of quality.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Never force clients to “speak now or forever hold your peace.” If clients ever have comments or questions on the translation, we address them.

Limited time period for translation review. Only in some cases can clients outright reject a translation or request a refund on prepaid fees. Agency has the final say as to the quality and willingness to retranslate.

Legal Responsibility

We carry professional liability insurance and stand behind our product.

No guarantees as to quality and no acceptance of legal liability for errors in translations.

World Health
Convention on
Tobacco Control

“Alboum provides reliable, consistent and highly-technical translation services – quickly and effectively. With the same dedicated translators working with us again and again, we can trust in their deep understanding of our mission.”