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We value customer service and client relationships as priority #1. Our entire team is dedicated to empowering our clients’ success.

No discrimination. Ever.

Alboum Translation Services is an equal opportunity employer; we strictly prohibit discrimination against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression and any other characteristic protected by law.
Women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community and other historically marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Management & Marketing

Sandra Alboum - Translations Services for Nonprofits

Sandra Alboum

Founder & CEO

Arlington, Virginia

The founder of Alboum Translation Services, Sandra leads the company’s operations and administration, and guides its mission. More than a figurehead, with more than 25 years of experience in the language services industry, Sandra is a seasoned translator, interpreter, and project manager. She is certified by the National Center for State Courts as a courtroom interpreter in more than 40 states in Spanish.

Sandra earned an MA with High Honors in Spanish Linguistics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). She speaks English, Spanish, and Catalan fluently. In addition, she taught Introductory and Advanced Spanish Translation at The American University and Spanish Grammar and Style at The George Washington University.

Sandra, a two-time Jeopardy champion, lives in a “treehouse,” drives a convertible Mustang, and laughs off the fact that her two teenagers don’t find her very cool right now.

Hillary Berman - Alboum Translations Services for Nonprofits

Hillary Berman

Chief Marketing Officer

Bethesda, Maryland

Hillary oversees marketing and business development for Alboum - ensuring the client experience aligns with our “why.” Hillary’s worked in and for businesses and nonprofits large and small, established and just getting started. Prior to joining Alboum, she founded and ran a marketing consultancy focused on small businesses, startups, and nonprofits. Alboum was her longest-running client.

Hillary holds an MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and a BS in advertising from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She is also the author of Customer, LLC: The Small Business Guide to Customer Engagement & Marketing.

Hillary lives in Bethesda, Maryland and loves traveling, the outdoors, as well as cooking and baking for her houseful of boys.

Annie Daniels

HR Manager

Everywhere, USA

Love your account manager? Thank, Annie. Annie oversees HR for Team Alboum, recruiting our core team members, keeping tabs on local employment laws, and managing happiness across the many miles. A self-described divergent thinker and problem solver, Annie joined Alboum from a role in operations and employee management for a multi-facility camp operation on Alaska's North Slope.

After living in bucket list destinations for most people (Hawaii AND Alaska), Annie now supports Alboum's team from across the United States as she travels and works from her 37' RV.

Amy - Alboum Translations Services for Nonprofits

Amy Eisner

Marketing Manager

Bethesda, Maryland

A master of details, Amy manages Alboum’s CRM system, email campaigns, tradeshow presence, social media, and marketing materials. Amy joined Alboum from a marketing consulting firm where she handled similar work for startups and small businesses. She started her career in investment banking, with stints on both the equity and fixed income trading floors.

Amy is a graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. And she still finds free time to run a clothing shop for teens and tweens… which she fits in among her family’s extensive collection of baseball memorabilia.

Christy Peltier

Accounting Manager

Tallahassee, Florida

An experienced accounting manager, Christy keeps Alboum's ever-increasing volume of invoices and payments flowing smoothly. Christy oversees both accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as manages day-to-day bookkeeping.

Christy holds an MBA in public administration from Thomas University and a bachelor of sciences in business marketing from Florida State University. When she's not cheering on her three kids at a soccer game or golf tournament, she can be found crafting and selling custom-tumblers at local art shows.

Lisa Santana

Vendor Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

Lisa is the engine behind Alboum's ever-growing global team of translators and interpreters. She oversees recruiting and onboarding, as well as supports linguists' day-to-day needs. Need an urgent translation into a rare, indiginous language? Lisa finds the speakers!

Lisa holds a bachelors degree in English and Portguese from Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas in her native Brazil. She is passionate about empowering women, the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color and believes that we can create a better world by sharing and disseminating information.

Client Service

Rosario Bustamante

Translation Team Lead

Lima, Peru

Rosario leads our translation team - both managing her own portfolio of clients and supporting account managers on complex or large projects. She lives and breathes client service. Living half of her life in Toronto, Canada and the other in Lima, Peru, Rosario truly understands the global nature of Alboum's clients.

Rosario holds bachelor's degrees in translation and interpretation from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and English literature and Italian studies from the University of Toronto. When not working for Alboum's nonprofit clients, Rosario can be found cuddling with her two dogs as she binges on television shows and movies, especially anything related to superheroes, fantasy, and sci-fi.

Ely - Alboum Translations Services for Nonprofits

Eliana Gigena

Senior Interpretation Account Manager & Interpretation Team Leader

Cordoba, Argentina

Eliana oversees Alboum interpretation projects to ensure they are executed seamlessly and meetings go off without a hitch, no matter where they’re taking place in the world. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Zoom, has basic knowledge of Portuguese and is studying Korean, as she says, “just for fun.” A member of team Alboum since 2014 and working in the language services and customer service industries prior to that, Eliana brings years of experience to every client and every project.

Eliana holds a bachelor's degree in humanities and social sciences from Colegio Santa Margarita de Cortona and is studying for both her English translator and teacher certifications. When she’s not advancing her knowledge of the English language, Eliana can be found scouring local flea markets for random treasures, gardening, and enjoying the sounds of K-Pop.

Tainá Almeida

Translation Account Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

An experienced project manager and linguist herself, Tainá manages translation and multimedia projects for a range of Alboum clients, including some of our environmental clients which is a perfect fit given her love of plants.

Tai holds a bachelor's degree in translation from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and is a student of Japanese so she can read some of her favorite books in their original language. Tai also loves cooking and trying out new recipes and ingredients... as long as they're vegan.

Michele Benages

Translation Account Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

Michele brings experience in international project management and client service gained working at the British Consulate General to her work at Alboum. Here, she manages a range of translation projects for education, advocacy, and public health organizations.

Michele holds a bachelors degree in international relations from Universidade Paulista in her native Brazil and has completed additional coursework in project management, negotiotion, and business communications. Michele is an avid reader, completing 51 books in 2022 alone!

Chane Clark

Client Service Coordinator

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Burning the midnight oil, Chane provides after-hours support for Alboum's translation and interpretation clients, as well as our global team of linguists.

It's hardly suprising that Chane helps keep Alboum organized. When she's not juggling Alboum clients' myriad needs, she keeps busy perusing YouTube to find new space-saving folding techniques and cleaning hacks. She also loves to cook and try new recipes with her family.

Miguel Fernández Reyna

Translation Account Manager

Lima, Peru

An experienced project manager and translator, Miguel manages translation and multimedia projects for a range of Alboum clients, including public health organizations and schools. He keeps his linguistic skills fresh, translating English, German, and French into Spanish as well.

Miguel holds a bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation from Universidad Ricardo Palma and is a true renaissance man with hobbies ranging from an intense love for video games and technology to interests in cooking and music.

Maria Esther Flores

Interpretation Account Manager

San Antonio, Costa Rica

An experienced project manager and English-Spanish linguist, Maria Esther supports West Coast clients' interpretation needs.

Maria Esther holds a bachelors degree in English from Universidad Internacional de las Américas in her native Costa Rica, as well as Certified Associate in Project Management (CAMP) designation from the Project Management Institute. When not keeping interpretations running smoothly, Maria Esther loves spending time with her baby girl, reading, and playing video games.

Ana Gomez

Translation Account Manager

Bogota, Colombia

Ana brings her background in translation project management and administration for healthcare organizations and linguistics support for Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to each of her clients projects at Alboum. Working with organizations small and large, global and domestic, Ana is adept at determining and managing the resources requried to meet the needs of each project.

Ana holds multiple project management certifications, including Professional Scrum Master™. When she isn't on the soccer field or out for a run, Ana is always learning something new. Next up - learning to play the piano! In addition to being fluent in English and Spanish, Ana also has intermediate knowledge of French and German.

Gabriel Holguin

Translation Account Manager

Monterrey, Mexico

Alboum's first team member in Mexico, Gabriel manages translation projects for schools and nonprofit organizations in California, Washington, and throughout PST. Juggling twins at home, he's a natural multitasker.

With education directly relevant to his work at Alboum, Gabriel holds a bachelors of arts in creative writing with a focus on scriptwriting, translation, and adaptation of texts from Universidad de Monterrey. Gabriel loves all things gaming related, from video games to board games, as well as singing (often into the wee hours of the night).

Sara Martins

Interpretation Account Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

With passions for language, culture, and gaining new perspectives, Sara Martins is a natural fit for working with Alboum's interpretation clients to ensure everyone is communicating across languages and virtual miles. Sara puts her background as an ESL teacher to work for many of the school districts Alboum supports nationwide.

Sara holds a bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation from Universidade Nove de Julho, and has completed coursework in project management and emotional intelligence. In her free time, Sara can be found watching movies, listening to music, and reading about astrology (she's a proud Scorpio!).

Lala - Alboum Translations Services for Nonprofits

Laura Perea

Translation Account Manager

Lima, Peru

Managing Alboum clients across sectors, Laura (Lala) has her hands in translations for school districts, public health organizations, and libraries to name a few. With many years of experience working as a project manager, Lala knows how to successfully juggle multiple projects at once, as well as manage multiple documents, languages, and people involved in each project.

Lala holds a bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting in German and French from Universidad Ricardo Palma. She also has extensive background as an English > Spanish freelance translator. In her free time, Laura can be found in downward dog, reading, painting, or learning everything possible about hand-poked tattoos.

Luiza Rodrigues

Translation Account Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

Luiza is the most flexible, multi-tasking project manager most never know is working on their behalf behind the scenes. Luiza covers for account managers when they're out of the office and providing back-up support when times are busy.

Luiza is working toward her bachelors of arts in international relations from Cruzeiro do Sul and holds associates degrees from both Orange Coast College in California and Universidade Paulista in her native Brazil. When not juggling Alboum clients, Luiza can be found reading, watch movies, and traveling, ideally with a great meal and her puppies and family alongside her.

Luiza Roncatto

Translation Account Manager

São Paulo, Brazil

Luiza Roncatto provides translation project management support for Alboum's mid-west, southwest, and west coast clients. She joined Alboum with experience in translation project management and customer service, as well as multilingual volunteer work in support of South Korean culture and tourism.

Luiza holds a bachelor's degree in Language and Literature (Portuguese and Korean) from the University of São Paulo. Unsurprisingly, her biggest hobby is reading, with listening to music coming as a close second. Luiza loves to travel and walk around random places without a map to see what fun spots she stumbles upon along the way. Ask her about her most interesting finds!

Marcia Trillo

Marcia Trillo

Translation Account Manager

Lima, Peru

Marci brings experience across the language services industry to her work at Alboum - working in not only project management, but also as an English < > Spanish translator, editor, proofreader, and over the phone interpreter. She leverages this understanding of how language intersects with content and engagement in her support of Alboum clients across industries, including advocacy, human services, education, and public health.

Marci holds a bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting from Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). A self-proclaimed chocolate lover, Marci can often be found watching vlogs and television series (sometimes repeatedly) and is an active member of the Alboum (audio) Book Club.

Engineering & Production

Alex Albrecht

Director of Engineering

Cordoba, Argentina

Providing behind-the-scenes support for the Alboum team, Alex is a master of all things file formatting. They manage Alboum's translation memory and project management platforms, as well as provide support for "interesting" client projects. Alex brings background as a project manager, translator, and editor, as well as knowledge of applications and systems, to their work.

Alex holds a bachelor's degree in translation from the National University of Córdoba in their native Argentina and is working toward a degree in in Spanish as a Native and Foreign Language. In their free time, Alex is a writer, a student of German, and a connoisseur of music and chocolate.

Rahul Maske

Design Team Lead

Maharashtra, India

Rahul oversees Alboum's multilingual layout work - ensuring that client documents look just as beautiful in their target languages as they did pre-translation. Rahul works remotely from his home in Maharashtra, India.

Rahul holds a bachelor of arts from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Nashik, as well as certificates in advanced animation and graphic design. Rahul is regular cricket player and loves listening to music in his free time.

Dolo - Alboum Translations Services for Nonprofits

Dolores Juarez Carol

Graphic Designer

Cordoba, Argentina

Working behind the scenes to ensure client documents look great in all languages, Dolo provides desktop publishing support for Alboum’s translation team. An experienced graphic designer, Dolo brings experience in graphic design and branding for various companies in Argentina to team Alboum.

Dolo holds a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and publicity from Universidad Provinicial de Cordoba and is a lifelong student, studying painting and photography, as well as folkloric and Latin American dance.

Amit Sambherao

Graphic Designer

Maharashtra, India

Experienced in design, layout, and re-creation of myriad file types, including medical documentation, Amit works to ensure translated materials are clean and flow smoothly in all languages. Amit's creativity extends beyond the digital design skills he utilizes for Alboum clients to include music, painting, and drawing as well.

Amit holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Information Technology from Mumbai University, as well as a degree in 3D Animation from Cambridge University. He enjoys all things creative, reading, and spending time with his family.

“We used Alboum to translate documents for a clinical research study so that we could expand our recruitment to include non-English speakers. They were incredibly easy to work with from beginning to end.


We were so happy with Alboum that we found additional funding and went back to them with three separate requests. I can’t recommend Alboum highly enough.”

Oregon Health & Science University