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Virtual Interpretation

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Alboum provides simultaneous and consecutive virtual interpretation for schools, local governments, community health centers, global advocacy groups, and nonprofits. We can support short, multi-hour, full-day, or multi-day meetings and events. We provide interpretation through different platforms, including our HIPAA-compliant interpretation portal, Zoom, Google Meet, leading telehealth platforms, and phone. We work in dozens of languages and have interpreters available to support meetings at any time of day, regardless of time zone.

The most appropriate solution varies based on the type of meeting, number of participants, number of languages required at the same time, and amount of notice available to plan for the interpretation.


“Alboum Translation Services has become an essential service for our team. With the current pandemic, we have switched to online platforms whenever possible. As a global convening organization, we work with many international partners. Having simultaneous interpretations during our online meetings has saved us time and made it easier to share content with our Francophone audiences.”

Over the Phone Interpretation

Alboum’s over the phone interpretation service provides a cost-effective way to pay as you go for interpretation. With interpreters for dozens of languages available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this service works well for hotlines, schools, government offices, and any conversations between only a few participants.

Phone interpretation is available on demand and scheduling is also possible for known meetings to ensure even the rarest of languages are covered. Interpreters connect in under a minute for the most popular languages.

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Video Interpretation

Video interpretation is perfect for large meetings, telehealth appointments, meetings that require the ability to provide the interpreter with background materials, and any meeting where a more personal feel is desired. Alboum can facilitate consecutive or simultaneous interpretation via video, including real-time Q&A.

Video is available on demand through our interpretation platform or our interpreters can join your meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, or your telehealth or proprietary video conferencing platform when scheduled. Both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation can be scheduled.

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Simultaneous or consecutive — What’s the difference?

Simultaneous interpretation allows speakers to present naturally and without interruption while interpreters provide near-real-time interpretation directly to meeting participants who are not native speakers of the presented language. Interpreted content is delivered via a separate channel so the sound is not audible to the presenter or other attendees. Q&A can also be facilitated so all attendees can participate in the discussion.

Consecutive interpretation occurs when an interpreter serves as a “go between” to facilitate a conversation between speakers of two different languages. This results in a real-time conversation, but repeating what was said in each language. This is a lower-cost option that works well for school meetings and telehealth visits.