The multiple experiences we have had with Alboum have been outstanding from the first day we contacted them. We have been using their translation services for more than a year to translate technical documents for brochures, research protocols and official letters; each job was done quickly and efficiently. The quality of each translation has been exceptional and I would personally recommend Alboum to any other organization or business.

— International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Tobacco Control Translation Services

Strong tobacco control laws have led to reductions in smoking prevalence but much remains to be done worldwide. Advancements in regulation and declines in some countries are offset by a continued push from Big Tobacco and increases in other regions. Tobacco control advocates recognize the battle against tobacco has reached a critical stage.

At Alboum, we work to empower advocates to influence local lawmakers and educate smokers. And our work arms physicians, health clinics, and other influencers with resources to inform and educate on the significant health impact of cigarettes and other nicotine-based products for both smokers and those around them alike.

The result? Reduced tobacco use, as well as increased legislation surrounding taxes, advertising and distribution, and bans on smoking in public places.

We translate tobacco control materials, including fact sheets and brochures, press releases, educational and training materials, research reports, policy papers, and presentations for domestic and international, public and private:

Sample Client List:

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English > Spanish

Translating a Parent Handbook for a school in Virginia.

Portuguese > English

Translating bank statements for a university.


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